Diamond Group Corporation was established in 1997 and based in the heart of Shanghai, We are a group of advanced architects, interior designers, 3d modelers, architectural presentation and illustration specialists, Virtual reality animation experts and oil painters. We offer architectural rendering, architectural animation, interior architectural rendering, exterior architectural rendering, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, CAD drawings, architectural design, 3D rendering, 3D visualization, overall service and landscape design for your project.
Originally based in Shanghai, China, we have brought our services to USA,Europe and all over the world.

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are among DIAMOND’s top priorities. Our people are some of the brightest in their related profession, producing results that are sometimes surpring but always enjoyable.

Now you can be assured that your renderings and animations will be backed by people who understand your needs for quality. 

Our completely integrated website provides you with 24 hours online access to new and change orders coupled with low fixed pricing. Benefits like these will allow you to stay competitive in this global marketplace.

We have 120 in-house renderers and animators available to you plus a team of 20 customer service representatives that are waiting to assist you 24 hours a day with your next project.

Let us help you improve your client satisfaction and bottom line!